Blizzard Of '96

by Hold Tight!

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released June 26, 2012



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Hold Tight! Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: A Cup, A Ship, A Speeder
This is a secret. Please swear that you'll keep it deep down in your heart just for when you need it. Cause there are things that matter more than the bottom of a bottle or some pills to make things better. I know what it's like to lose years and still have nothing to show, and I know sometimes it's hard just to hold on, even harder to grow. Sometimes I hate this place, but only half as much as I love it. This is finally my home, and it's hard to go far from it. You said, "we've been waiting for you to get out of your head and live the life you were meant to." This is a secret. Please swear you'll keep it deep down in your heart for when you need it.
Track Name: I Guess This Is Fucking Up
I swore I'd never feel this way forever. I swore I'd never feel this way again. And I'm getting scared that two people can never make it together. I know we're all selfish but sometimes I'm more than most. I'm losing touch, I'm losing hope, I'm losing what I want most. I'm running scared, become aware that nothing comes close. I waited and waited until it was too late. I regret til the end. I swore I'd never feel this way.
Track Name: Mother Leopard
Today I saw someone I used to know. She told me everything's different, but somehow I'm the same. I guess time skipped right by me. Do you ever feel like everything's changing? Do you ever feel like I feel? Do you ever feel you just can't take it? Do you ever feel like I feel? I never learned to let things go. I never learned, but I'm trying. I'll always be a little scared to grow. There's one thing that I know. I don't want to die alone. So when I'm being honest, I just want to say I tried my hardest. Do you ever feel like I feel?
Track Name: Point Of Rocks
I've got the necklace my mom gave me when I left home wrapped tightly around my neck, and I won't let go. Take one last look at the house you grew up in, cause the next time you see it it might not feel like home. We were invincible in that slowly burning summer. So untouchable until we let it get away, and we sang. We'll throw rocks by the river. I could stay there forever. Next time that we're together we won't even know each other. It's time to go our separate ways. This time I think that I will stay. We were invincible in that slowly burning summer. So untouchable, and we'd never be the same.
Track Name: On The Corner, You
I know it's crazy, but I'm not lying. I know it's hard to understand so thanks for trying. I don't mean to put you on hold, but this can't last forever. But I don't want to be alone, so I hope this ends up better. When it all comes crashing down, will you be there to pull me out? Now I've been hiding out. No, that's not what this is all about. There's a line down the center of my mind. I just fucking hope I never have to choose a side. So when it all comes down to wishful thinking, will you believe me?
Track Name: Graduation Day
The morning's ringing in my ears. Get up and get out of your head. I swear it's been this way for years, but I'd be lying to myself if I said I haven't changed. Every day that goes by, less of me remains. Get up and get out of your head. But I skinned both my knees from too much time spent on the ground. I'll stand back and watch them bleed while I figure all this out. And all I learned is that I learned nothing. I'll keep making my mistakes but I can never stay the same. I don't think that I am afraid to die, but I'm fucking terrified of not living. I never remember that nothing lasts forever.
Track Name: Moving Day
It's gonna hurt, but I'm just saying - we made a mess and now we're paying. Eighteen years to build it all and just four more to watch it fall. You say you're scared it'll always be this way. You better believe that I feel the same. A price on our time, a dead look in our eyes, never sure if we're really alive. I don't know who I want to be. But maybe it's enough that I am always me. That's all anyone can ever ask of us, and maybe that's enough. No one really knows who they are. Maybe we never do. No one really knows who they are, but we must be doing okay because we made it this far anyway.
Track Name: Purple Beanie
The city lights in the valley look like the sky has come down. It's only right, cause we feel on top of the world right now. Take my hand, I'll help you keep your balance. I've got a feeling that it won't take much to fall. I'll promise no surrender, if you swear to give your all. Close your eyes. Don't look down. We conquered both those shitty towns. If this is it, I'll give it everything. I could stay up all night and watch it slip through my hands, or I could take this second chance. Close your eyes. Don't look down. Shaking knees, don't fail me now. If this is it, I'll give it everything.
Track Name: Toad Worthy
Sometimes I just want to stay at home, even though I know my friends make fun of me if I won't go. But it's okay because I know they love me, and I love them. And I remember that with every single verse, cause I know that it could always be worse. It's so hard to remember that it gets better. When my head gets cloudy, I think it's here to stay. But it always goes away. Please don't go away. Hands tied, capsized. It's hard sometimes but I know it could be worse.
Track Name: Sky Watching
The first time I really thought about death was in the bathroom of a grocery store. I realized that what really makes me scared is if it comes and I'm unprepared. I watch the sky as it falls on my windshield. I feel a change I can't explain. I wonder if it's real. I don't want to hear a voice in my head asking, "did I make the best of the time I had?" Saying, "what do you have to show for this?"
Track Name: Maiden...Or Slayer
Lately I've been noticing that all the things that bother me are the same things that I see in myself, as much as everyone else. Maybe now I can start to relate. Just tonight, maybe I won't feel tired. So here's hoping that I learn to cross more bridges than I burn. And if I'm something you outgrow, well I know we've still got miles to go and I don't want to go them alone. Just tonight, maybe I won't feel tired. Forget the headaches, forget the mistakes, and just move on.
Track Name: Rock Garden
A man without a country taught me to always notice when I'm happy. It's a lesson I'm forgetting, but still there when I least expect it. So sing along, play something slow. It'll all be over before you know. I think we're going down. We've been going down for a long time. Let me hear it one last time. I know the best things never last, but at least we tried. When it comes to self doubt, I'm self taught, and I think it's safe to say that I will always be this way. I don't want to know where we'll be when all the years go flying by, like we're waiting to die. I won't live my life just waiting to die.
Track Name: The Town That Begins With Love
We used to sit on the floor of your parents' basement and talk about the life we're living now. With one cheek to the rug, I'd say "there's nothing I want more." And now nothing will ever be the same from choices made. I didn't know the risks that would come with this. I'm choking on memories. I'm thankful for the chance, but it's so hard to seize. What do you do when the only things you love can't exist with each other? And I'm too scared to move cause no matter what I've got something to lose. I know that it's not much to say, but I'm sorry things turned out this way. Cause I'm still learning when to hold on and when to go. I just hope I don't go alone.
Track Name: Blizzard Of '96
Last night we burned like stars. I could have stayed that way forever. Today, just looking up was so hard that last night seemed too far gone to remember. We were invincible, but now we're just lost. Twenty two years and counting of past mistakes I'm still dragging. My time flies by so much faster now. When I was young I never thought about being in the ground. So here's the secret - no one really knows who they are, and maybe that's okay. I always thought I'd find my way with age. Now I see a little more each day that maybe it doesn't matter anyway. We are all that we are right now, so I guess we better make it count. We were invincible. Maybe we can be again. This is a secret for when you need it.