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7 inch never coming out.


released January 31, 2012

Recorded/mixed by Michael Bridgett (Monster House, Waldorf MD)
Mastered by Bill Henderson (Azimuth Mastering, West Trenton NJ)



all rights reserved


Hold Tight! Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Headphones
I spent days hiding in headphones and nights hiding in my head. And as route 59 left me feeling more uncertain, you made your resentment crystal clear everywhere except in person. This summer was the first time I remembered to bite my tongue instead of lose my temper. Now I'm spitting out my blood while you're spitting weighted words. You don't care what you say, you just care if you get heard. I spent days trying to figure out why these nights are never what we dreamed about. I feel like a stranger in the most familiar places with the most familiar faces. When I get home I'm hiding my telephone underneath my pillow so I can't hear it ringing, cause I don't want to hear it today.
Track Name: Snorlax
We left the house like it was a holiday. Like we were on the run from everyone and everything who ever tried and failed to hold us back. But we're staying on track. So wait for me. Sometimes it hurts to have to leave. And what for? Our sleepless friends we'll see you again, I'm sure. It's so set in stone. You said, "Just fall asleep in the back, I'll drive all the way home". I won't forget what you told me, and you almost sold me. So we'll take the long way to hear that song play once more before we're away.
Track Name: Boundaries
I need distance from distraction. I'm crippled by reactions. This is where my nights end too often. Is it just me, or did these walls get tighter? I'm putting words to paper to try and settle doubts, trapped in a corner with no way out. I see boundaries everywhere around me.
Track Name: Self High-Five
Hey you, what have we all gotten into? I can't get a word in, my tongue won't stop burning with everything I could say to you. And oh no, I hope you check in before you go. It is my concern as my heart won't stop hurting. I think I just need some time alone to unpack my clothes and throw out the pages that nobody knows I'm writing because I have nowhere to go and nothing to say to anyone anyway. I need to get out of this room so I can see what it's like to be you from outside. Don't lie, i think we've all got something to hide.
Track Name: Obviously
I've never been much for planning. I always found it too demanding. The only future that I want to see is locked up in a day dream. It's getting crystal clear that I am nowhere near getting to my year. It's getting so damn obvious. Obviously I'm looking black and blue but it's part of me to be a little bruised. I'll always be struggling. Obviously I'm looking black and blue but it's starting to be something I'm used to. I'll always be struggling. I wouldn't blame you if you walked away, if I were you I'd do the same. I wish that I was still the age that I could confidently say that I'll be somebody someday. I should know better than to talk about forever. There's one thing that I know all about. I never let go of an ounce of doubt.
Track Name: Is It You Peter (Panda Khan)
If this was a movie, I think that I'd hate it. The plot is cliche and the cast is overrated. It's so familiar because instead of a big screen, it's playing on my mirror. If there's a place where we could never grow, I think we left it way too long ago. We're not the lost boys, we're just lost. We live inside of our imaginations because it's the only place that we trust.