Call The Zoo

by Hold Tight!

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Recorded by Robert Cheeseman (No Control Studios, Richmond VA)
Mastered by Bill Henderson (Azimuth Mastering, West Trenton NJ)


released June 29, 2011



all rights reserved


Hold Tight! Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Meade Skelton Birthday Party
I think there's something wrong. There's something wrong or so it seems. When simply having tongues makes us think we know everything. I'm no better than the rest, but being clever is such a dumb contest. Here's a callout and confession. Shit talk's no form of expression. So now I've got some new for you: you don't know me and I hope you never do. So waste your time. You won't waste mine.
Track Name: Call The Zoo
Call me crazy but I think maybe you've heard me whine too many times. So, I'm sorry I'm such a bad friend. I'm sorry I let you down again. I wish I could take back the things I say. Why does everything change? I'd call myself an artist, but truth is I just need to complain. Cause I hate growing up, and I just can't handle change. Please don't change.
Track Name: $122.50
Just one blink and I miss it. Your identity changes so quick. Hearts made of glass, were not made to last. Before long, you're all but gone. Oh you, you know you're see through. I don't think I ever knew the real you.
Track Name: Billy's Here!
Just give me one more chance. I'll never make it up to you but at least I'll try. Just give me one more chance. I'll never know what to do except to look you in the eye and offer what little comfort I've got left inside these bones. Sometimes sorry's not enough.
Track Name: You Will Be Fine
Some people say I'm a hopeless romantic. I think I'm closer to being pathetic. Sometimes I can't slow down, but I sure hope you're here when I come around. These nights won't last forever, so wrap yourself in sounds we found together. Let go, put life in stereo. Every lesson learned is from another song I know. For every scar I earn you're always there to stop another blow.
Track Name: Power Converter
I'll never be a morning person. I'll never be what anyone wants me to be. Teacher said I'm wasting my potential, but I can only potentially be me. It's hard enough just to be happy with myself. I don't owe shit to you or anybody else.
Track Name: Ender Ender
The alarm clock's getting louder. My temper's getting shorter. I still think I'm too young to get older. Another day, I think everyone hates me. Another day, I think I'm going crazy. So please turn up the tunes that remind me of you. There's always a catch, but I'll be alright while this song lasts. Cause you and I always loved the short songs. The simple things that always seemed to right wrongs. "Whoa oh oh" are the only words you need to know. Whoa, we always loved the short songs.