Can't Take This Away

by Hold Tight!

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We’ve been waiting for you. Come back from that ledge. Forget what they said, cause no one can stop us now. I swear I will always be there. It's no secret, sometimes we're all scared. So your back's against the wall, but I won't let you fall. We're all scared but together we will stand tall. We'll never let you go. Yeah, we're all scared but together we will stand tall. It's not always easy but you gotta believe me, things can't stay the same. We've been waiting, we've been waiting for you with open arms to keep you from harm, because sometimes we all stumble and sometimes we all cry, but together we're braver every time.
Pavement wet from rivers of melted ice and snow. My feet so numb that I can't even feel my toes. Six in the morning looks just like six at night. Day after day, still no end in sight. I can't shake this feeling. We're all falling, singing. Driving through the city, I'm not the only one that has to be awake before the rising sun. What are we waiting for? How much more can we waste away our lives before we fucking break? I can sit for a thousand days and wonder what went wrong. I can think of a thousand ways that I don't belong. For now I'll go down, but I won't go far. Sometimes I can't tell - are these songs or scars?
I swear at least once a day I catch myself feeling hopeless. Remind myself it's okay, but I can't wash out the taste of foot in my mouth. Tired eyes, tired faces. There's some days I can't fake it. Some days all the lights start to fade away, and when they're gone, I'll be left holding onto a song. Try to listen it all away. "Hello Bastards" because I feel like one. Got a song for every day. 4/4 time keeps me dancing down hill.
Should I take sides or sit this one out? Cause I don't know what you're fighting about. Spouting bullshit with no care who it offends, and I thought we were all supposed to be friends. And I'm guessing you're home by yourself. You won't hear this song or my wasted yell. Don't care how many years you've been around. Don't care if you're well respected in this town, because I have faith in the people that I trust. I can't stress that enough. If you heard this song on the radio, would you sing along? I was just looking for something to believe in. I was just looking for something to succeed at. Now it's too far gone.
Give up, give in. It's time for steady living. Are we fuck ups, or just scared of growing up? Give up, give in. These days are worth reliving. Give me one more day of this cliche. And I know just what you're thinking. Where did we go wrong? But my friends don't worry cause we'll always have these stories and we'll always have these songs. Just say, "can't take this away". I just smile to myself and say, "can't take this away".
Excuses are so useless, just like those sorrys you don't mean at all. I hope you hear this song and you know that you were wrong. You did it all for you. You've known it all along and now we do too. I hope you hear this song and you know that you were wrong. I believe there's something to be said for some honesty and the hearts worn on our sleeves.
Wonder 01:29
Seasons change but one thing stays constant. Missing you shouldn't feel so familiar. Long drives start to feel like an old friend, but distance can't be too much for you and me. Minor keys bridge the gaps for you and me. You say, "Just do your best, and I swear that I'll do mine". As time flies, more goodbyes. I swear that nothing could be worth it more. As time flies, I will try harder for you than for anyone before. Do you ever start to wonder why you love those sad songs so much? Cause I do.
You've got the worst timing I've ever seen. A hundred lies and just a minute to come clean. So many things you could never admit. I'll put my trust in someone worth it. Been so long since my days weren't so wrong. Just this once I'll feel like I'm not alone. Just this once I'll feel like I've found a home. Maybe in your head this makes some kind of sense, but out here we can't tell all your facts from pretense. When I sink, you see me. Reach out, hold on to what's true. Stuck between what's easy and the right thing to do. Tonight's the night we're gonna burn like stars. Tonight's the night we'll love who we are. Forever and ever.
Rise and shine. Don't want to wake you up two hours too early this time. In your room, there's an alarm clock facing towards the wall to black out the blue lights until the buzzer calls, and I'm wishing for tonight to come on. I can't sleep for shit. Four in the morning hits too often these days, but I feel dead tired by the daylight. It's less comforting when you know you won't sleep that night. Will you blow off tomorrow with me? This day could be different. Won't know until you see. Freedom's abound, will you walk around this town with me? Now I only eat once or twice a day cause I'm so busy. Or maybe I'm just lazy all damn day, right? It's less comforting when you know you won't sleep that night. Every summer I take for granted that the sun will be there for me and her. Then I think, "What am I trying to pull?" It comes in cycles. Don't you wish that every moon could be full?
Collectibles 01:23
Surprise surprise, my luck ran out again. It's about time for another decline. I know, here we go. Here we go again. Just another bitter end. Hold on to something, we're going down again. We're a skipping record, we just need some effort. Day in day out, it's never easy. Give in give up, just feel like leaving. So just sing.
Cornered 01:02
What do you do when the means to the end starts to feel like the end? Just hold on cause there's another day right around the corner and this one might feel okay. Just hold on a little longer. Just hold on a little stronger. Skies can't stay grey. Tell myself every day, "don't give up, don't give in." There must be more to this. I know there's more to this.
I said 'please talk to me like its easy.' Even if you have to pretend. But I'll never get used to pretending. I'll never get used to the end. We are just another cold regret. We are just a time I want to forget. But I'll always remember those eyes that burned through me until the day you looked away. The day you looked away from me. And you never looked back, I never got a second chance, and maybe that's all that I deserve. When did I have to start forcing a smile just to get through the day. Have you always been faking? Faking that you cared about me. We are just another cold regret. We are just a time I want to forget. I would have tried to do anything for you, and I swear I would have tried. I would have tried to be anything for you, and I swear I would have tried. I would have tried to do anything for you, and I swear I would have tried, but now I'll never fucking try for you.
I took another late walk out yesterday night cause these four walls, I've discovered, aren't as comforting now as they are in the light. I don't want you to treat me like you do. I spent time reading some books about love and drinking. Both waiting for calls on each end from each other and both thinking: I don't want you to regret this tomorrow. And it's raining, but I'm not complaining. I spent yesterday soaked. I had my window of time, caught of a glimpse of some home. I'll be fine when I can learn how to cope. We're still so young. Don't let it go to waste. Don't want to repeat this cycle of days. I can't help that I'm set in my ways. I don't want you to forget me like I know that you're going to. I'm going home.
Remember those nights when we never closed our eyes? We couldn't miss a moment of waiting for the light. So tell me your secret, and I'll tell you mine, of how you survived just being alive. The trick is to remember those perfect nights. Put one foot down and pick up the other. Remember those times when we knew we were alive? We can do more than remember, we can feel that way tonight. So you give your all, and I'll give all mine, and we'll really feel the best of this life. We'll do more than remember those perfect times. Put one foot down and pick up the other. Don't look down, some falls just last longer. So nows our chance. To hold on like a promise forever. So take this chance. To make memories and not just remember. I put one foot down and pick up the other. Don't look down some falls just last longer. We go on, and on, and on, like a promise that lasts forever. Put one foot down and pick up the other.


released November 25, 2010


all rights reserved



Hold Tight! Richmond, Virginia

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