I Always Leave But Never Say Goodbye

by Hold Tight!



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released October 23, 2014



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Hold Tight! Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Why Change Now
I think that last night I couldn't sleep. My head is a void, there's nothing in there to believe. My whole life's in a list to try to figure out why I am so worthless.
I guess I'm always a bit of a mess and maybe you are too, but it's more obvious because there's guilt on my face and my hands. But still I don't understand.
I don't even know what alright is. I don't even know if I'm alright.
I don't even know how I got this way. Someone tell me how the fuck to feel ok. No I'm not fooling you even if I wanted to.
Track Name: I Know
Maybe this is accidental. Maybe history repeats. Maybe I'm just sentimental. Maybe I'm not who you thought I'd be.
Why do I always think about death? Why does it seem so romantic to me? I think concrete steals my breath. These streets just love to see you bleed.
I know you know I can't stay here anymore. This place is a hole. It's killing me just like before. You said "I don't believe you, but I don't need to"
Track Name: Waterlogged
I'm still scared of change, but who really gives a shit? I wanted everything to stay the same but now I'm getting sick of it.
I'm not sorry I couldn't force a smile on to every page.
Hide in the bathroom but don't look in the mirror. You want something golden but grey might be clearer.
I'm not sorry I couldn't force a smile on to every page.
Track Name: Stumble
I don't have much to say, but I'm always talking. I can't play this thing anyway. Denial speaks to me. I always listen. It always hides the decay.
I guess we're all just scared of dying all alone with nothing in your hand but I rarely used cell phone. Nobody calls, nobody cares, nobody sees you bleed. Or maybe that's just me?
How many times can I be disappointing until you just give up? How many times can I stumble and fall, drag you down, until you stop giving a fuck?
Track Name: Reacting
Take a look at me. Do I look like someone with a plan? Because I'm just making this up as I go, please try to understand. Tell me something interesting, tell me why I'm always struggling. I don't want to be scraping by forever.
I'm always reacting. I'm never the chooser.
If you want to be a bad influence, then someone has to care what you think, and no one really does. We used to say "can't take this away" but I can still lose it.
Track Name: I Always Leave But Never Say Goodbye
We'll try to act like nothing's wrong, like every word doesn't hang too long. We'll try to act like nothing's wrong, but it's all wrong.
We'll try to act like it's all ok, like every word just stays the same. Like we're not falling apart, like we're not falling down, like we're not on our knees, faces to the ground.
Save me from myself, cause I've got nobody else.
And I know you hate who I used to be. At least you've got something in common with me. But no one ever even wonders why I always leave but never say goodbye. No one ever really seems to mind.
Save me from myself, cause I've got nobody else.